Steve Spade Blindfold Drive

Steve Spade Blindfold Drive

On Sunday May 27th I did the most dangerous thing I have ever done!

Over the past few weeks I worked as a consultant for Limerick Magician Steve Spade on his Blindfold Drive Stunt. On the day Steve amazingly drove blindfolded around an obstacle course, which I had laid out at Limerick Race Course, as a member of the public was allowed to broadcast the entire experience via Facebook Live from the passenger seat.

A couple of days before the stunt I called Steve and suggested that I should be an obstacle in the course. After some reservation it was decided. We allowed our victim…I mean spectator, to select any cone which I then removed and took its place. Wearing a t-shirt saying “Please don’t hit me” I stood in position as a car with a blindfolded Steve and a screaming woman sped straight at me only to dodge me at the very last second….twice! Thinking we had completed the stunt I relaxed….then I heard the car coming towards me and turned to see the car stop directly at my feet!

Thank you Steve Spade for not killing me you mad man!

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