Online Event Magician

Online Event Magician

Looking for Entertainment for your next Online/Virtual Event?

Magician & Mind Reader David Peace has created a special show exclusively for Online/Virtual Events. Whether you are doing a team meeting, a product launch or any other Online/Virtual Corporate event, David Peace has the show for you!

What technology can be used?

David Peace can perform his show using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or any other video conferencing technology you are planning on using.

Why hire Magician & Mind Reader David Peace for your next Online/Virtual Event?

Since employees began to work remotely, organisations have been trying to keep their employees engaged and maintain their culture in this new world. David Peace specialises in creating real virtual connections through his show. Not only will David’s show give your employees a shared experience they will be talking about for months, but it will also create an environment to allow your employees to form new connections across your organisation.

What is involved in the show Connect with David Peace?

Connect with David Peace is a fully interactive show all about your employees! David will read their minds, predict their decisions as well as influencing them. However the most amazing part of this whole show is when David Peace gives everyone the ability to access their subconscious allowing them to get clear answers to questions which may have been on their mind for months or even years!

How does an online mind reading show work?

An online mind reading show works very similarly to any Zoom/Microsoft Teams meeting you are now used to. David Peace can perform the show by joining a meeting set by you or alternatively he can create a meeting and send you and your team an invite.

Throughout the show David will then interact with everyone on the meeting, reading their minds, predicting their actions and influencing them. It will be like nothing you have previously experienced as it is all done through the screen in your own home.

How many people can take part in the mind reading show?

This can be dependent on which technology is used (e.g. Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts etc.), however David has developed his show to ensure that it will work just as well for 5 people as it would for 1500 people. David Peace can discuss all of these concerns in a meeting prior to the show to ensure the show works for your event, this includes David performing his show multiple times for smaller groups/teams which will allow more people to experience 1 on 1 mind reading.

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