Why Tarot is Fun at Parties

Why Tarot is Fun at Parties

Tarot cards are not only tools for divination, but also for entertainment, creativity, and connection. If you are looking for a fun and unique way to spice up your next party, why not invite a tarot reader or bring your own deck and offer readings to your guests? Here are some reasons why tarot is fun at parties and some tips on how to make it a memorable experience.

Tarot cards have a certain allure and charm that can captivate people’s curiosity and imagination. They can create a sense of wonder and excitement, as well as a deeper connection to oneself. Tarot cards can also spark interesting conversations and insights among guests, as they share their interpretations and stories.

Tarot Offers Guidance and Inspiration

Tarot cards are not meant to predict the future or tell people what to do. Rather, they are meant to offer guidance and inspiration, based on the current situation. Tarot cards can help people gain clarity, perspective, and awareness about themselves and their circumstances. They can also help people explore their options, possibilities, and potential.

Tarot cards can be especially helpful when people are facing challenges, dilemmas, or transitions in their lives. They can provide support, encouragement, and empowerment, as well as suggest actions or solutions that might be beneficial. Tarot cards can also help people celebrate their achievements, strengths, and gifts, as well as acknowledge their areas of growth and improvement.

Tarot Creates a Safe Space

Tarot cards are not just pieces of paper with images on them. They are also tools that can create a safe space for the reader and the querent (the person receiving the reading). A place where people can feel safe, comfortable, and respected. Also a place where people can tune in to their intuition and emotions.

To create a safe space for tarot readings at parties, it is important to find out where the space will be set up. Ideally, you want a table and two chairs in a reasonably private, secluded, and quiet place. The reader might also want to bring some items to decorate the space and table to enhance the ambiance.

Tarot Reading Tips for Parties

If you are planning to give Tarot readings yourself at parties or events, here are some tips to make it a fun and successful experience:

1. Manage your time carefully. It is best to keep your tarot readings to 5-10 minutes when reading for large groups of people. This way, you can accommodate more guests and avoid exhausting yourself or losing focus.

2. Be prepared for drunk, rude, or skeptical clients. You might encounter some guests who are disrespectful, disruptive, or doubtful of your skills or the tarot itself. You might also encounter some guests who are too shy or nervous to ask a question or participate in the reading. In these cases, it is important to be assertive in setting your boundaries and expectations. You might also want to use humor or compassion to diffuse the situation or encourage the guest.

3. Use simple spreads and oracle cards. To make your readings more efficient and effective at parties, you might want to use simple spreads that can answer specific questions or provide general guidance. You might also want to use oracle cards instead of or in addition to tarot cards. Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards but have simpler messages and images that can be easier to interpret and communicate.


Tarot is fun at parties because it adds a touch of magic and mystery; it offers guidance and inspiration; and it creates a safe space for the reader and the querent. Tarot can also help people connect with themselves and others in meaningful ways. To make your tarot readings at parties enjoyable and memorable, you might want to follow some tips on how to prepare, manage, and deliver your services.

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