The Importance of Corporate Event Entertainment

The Importance of Corporate Event Entertainment

Corporate entertainment is something I am truly passionate about and I feel like it can be utilised a lot more by corporations to achieve their goals. We have probably all been to corporate events with entertainment and corporate events without entertainment and I hope you agree with me that there is a significant difference. Getting the most out of a corporate event is the aim and entire purpose of holding one. Entertainment, especially good entertainment, can allow you to accomplish this. Having spent 15 plus years working at corporate events, here is why I think it is so important and beneficial to the corporation.

There is a cliché that most business deals are done on the golf course. Why is that? When people are having fun, they relax and are more open to engaging with the people around them. This is where entertainment can be used. Yesterday I wrote a blog about the benefits of virtual entertainment and I mentioned how important shared experiences are, shared experiences come into play here again.

People tend to trust people more the more they have in common, you can see this being used a lot by con men in movies/TV shows. Another area you would see this a lot is when you are dating as all a date really is, is a shared experience. Have you ever met someone for the first time and realise you support the same sports team, are from the same area or even recently watched the same movie/TV show? When this happens you immediately feel a connection with this person, which can lead to trust. So where does corporate event entertainment come into this? After experiencing good entertainment your guests will now have a way to break the ice with each other as well as feel a sense of commonality. This is very through with an interactive show such as mind reading or magic as your guests get to see each other as people with personalities and a similar sense of humour to their own, which can be incredibly powerful.

Another area I see the importance of event entertainment is when it comes to the events message or purpose. Let’s say you are holding an event to celebrate and promote your companies core values. I can presume we have all sat through talks from or colleagues and managers about how important our companies core values are as they click through a PowerPoint presentation. This is not the best way to get your event guests to engage with the message. Now let’s imagine you are watching a show and the entertainer invites the CEO on stage and mentions your core values. The entertainer then performs a whole routine about the core values of your company which results in the CEO appearing to be able to predict the future by truly following the core values. That is how you get your events message or purpose to truly stand out and be remembered by your guests. This is the power of correctly using corporate event entertainment.

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