Deceive Reality Magic Podcast

Deceive Reality Magic Podcast

You can listen to this podcast for magicians at the below links! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss upcoming episodes, and let us know if you’re listening or who you would like us to interview next?

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The Deceive Reality Magic Podcast – Ep3 Will Roberts

Interview with magician, actor and stuntman Will Roberts. David Peace and Steve Spade talk to Will Roberts about his stunt work, magic and gun slinging. A unique guy with a unique set of skills makes an incredible interview.

The Deceive Reality Magic Podcast – Ep4 Michael Ammar

Interview with the legend Michael Ammar! Find out about his thoughts on magic and tiktok as well as a story about how he almost got arrested for doing magic in the airport!

The Deceive Reality Magic Podcast – Ep5 Nicholas Kin

Today we are joined by Mentalist Nicholas Kin to talk about magic, mentalism, escapes and tarot.

The Deceive Reality Magic Podcast – Ep6 Abilene RenĂ© Burics

This week on the Deceive Reality Podcast we talk to Magician Abilene Rene Burics from The Illusionists show! Direct from Vegas learn about the career of this great performer.

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