Tarot, Palm & Card Readings Available for Parties

Tarot, Palm & Card Readings Available for Parties

David Peace Magic are now offering Tarot, Palm & Card Readings for Parties. This is ideal for Hens/Stags/Birthdays/etc. David Peace has been reading tarots, palms and cards for many years. Using traditional techniques and other techniques David has learned through 10 plus years of performing mentalism David’s readings have been said to be far more accurate and meaningful than those claiming genuine psychic ability.

Why hire David Peace to perform readings at your party?
At any event David Peace has performed readings, he always has a very long line of people and stays to make sure everyone has received a reading. When you get a reading, it provides you with a new way to look at a problem or opportunity that has presented itself in your life. Each person will interpret the reading in a different way because it depends on what is happening in your life and no reading is ever the same. Each time you get a reading, it will be completely unique!

At the event David Peace will perform a mixture of all the different types of readings depending on what he feels would suit each individual person and of course each person can also select which type of reading they would like.

For Entertainment Purposes Only

956 days ago

Dates are filling up fast! Make sure to check availability for your event by contacting David below.


086 395 1054

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