Today I was on The Opinion Line with PJ Coogan on Cork’s 96fm. I was invited on the show to see if I could predict anything about the World Cup.

Over the last few days I had been looking at the matches and all the stats I could find. I made predictions about what I thought would happen and I sealed them in an envelope. To ensure nothing would happen to the envelope I have PJ signed his name across the seal and it was placed in a metal box and was sealed with a padlock. (Box can be seen on my Facebook

They keep the box and I keep the key so there will be no peeking. Now I wait!

Last week I went to see Derren Brown Underground in Cork Opera House, Firstly, the show was outstanding! Watching a show like this is incredibly inspiring and I now have the itch to do a new show (watch this space). Also during the show the Cork audience did something that Derren has never seen happen before. During the show Derren invited a few men on stage and as they got on stage they introduced themselves to each other and shook hands. Derren had already been on twitter to declare his love for Cork and the people but this took it to another level for him.

Apparently I’m not allowed to stay and live in or around Cork for the rest of my life because I have ‘responsibilities’ back home. Goodbye then Cork, lovely people, it hurts to leave. – Derren Brown

After the show I went for a drink with Steve Spade and his girlfriend. Shortly after arriving we noticed that Derren Brown was with his crew in the bar. Nervously approaching I introduced myself to Derren and congratulated him on an amazing show. They say never meet your heroes but I have to say that Derren couldn’t be nicer! He was happy to talk and seemed genuinely happy that we enjoyed the show so much. Having talked about his show and the blindfold drive myself and Steve Spade had done the previous day he graciously posed for photos and signed a programme. He even attempted to cure my baldness with his powers (fingers crossed).

I can’t wait to see what he does next!

On Sunday May 27th I did the most dangerous thing I have ever done!

Over the past few weeks I worked as a consultant for Limerick Magician Steve Spade on his Blindfold Drive Stunt. On the day Steve amazingly drove blindfolded around an obstacle course, which I had laid out at Limerick Race Course, as a member of the public was allowed to broadcast the entire experience via Facebook Live from the passenger seat.

A couple of days before the stunt I called Steve and suggested that I should be an obstacle in the course. After some reservation it was decided. We allowed our victim…I mean spectator, to select any cone which I then removed and took its place. Wearing a t-shirt saying “Please don’t hit me” I stood in position as a car with a blindfolded Steve and a screaming woman sped straight at me only to dodge me at the very last second….twice! Thinking we had completed the stunt I relaxed….then I heard the car coming towards me and turned to see the car stop directly at my feet!

Thank you Steve Spade for not killing me you mad man!

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On Monday Feb 19th Don’t Tell The Bride on RTE2 had one of its best ever episodes starring Brendán and Victor. Laughing, crying and a whole lot of dancing; it had it all. What made it even more special for me was that I was there!

Being a Harry Potter themed wedding Brendán reached out to me to add a bit of magic to the wedding which I was happy to do. While Brendán showed Victor how he turned a big green hall into Hogwarts, I got to entertain his guests at the drinks reception. Wandering around everyone was in great spirits and really enjoying the day.

Once the filming wrapped up and the party was in full swing I was back at it again, entertaining everyone but I wasn’t done. At the end I performed a special trick for Brendán and Victor and their reactions were the best yet. Performing a trick I solely perform for newly weds Brendán and Victor got to experience a Harry Potter like magic together.

They are a great couple who are very much in love and I wish them a life time of happiness!

As some of you might be aware, I got engaged over Christmas. To celebrate this I will be offering 20% off all wedding bookings made between now and the end of May when you use Promo Code=“Peaceful Engagement”.

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